Cà Fedora

Holiday Apartments

Cà Fedora began as a farmhouse and
its walls hold more than a century of history and country life.
Once, the cellar guarded
excellent wine; the stables housed
cows and calves and in the "gradile"
were dried chestnuts and
were cooked foods inside traditional stone pots called "testi".
Enrico, nicknamed "Botarin" and
his wife Eufemia subsist on the work in the fields and on the products of the earth and so it was for their children Giuseppe and Fedora.
In 1947, the house was expanded on the occasion of the marriage of Fedora and Elio. He was coming from the nearby area of Groppo and was an employee of the Italian Navy.
In 1951 Mario was born and he is now the current heir.

Grandparents and great grandparents have gone, but their presence is still alive on the hills, vineyards and olive trees.
The house was renewed in their honor and kept alive for new stories to tell.

The building has been expanded and divided into three independent apartments.
It has been renovated according to the local architectural traditions, with attention to details and the use of natural qualified materials.




Cà Fedora
Localita' Orturano di sotto n.15, CAP 54021, Orturano Bagnone (MS)
Mobile (+44) 7789388179 - MATTEO
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